Making Change Together

"To ensure the people of Kauai, my people, my community, my Ohana that I want to make things better.  I will work with you to make things better. Small business is the lifeblood of our community. So are the healthcare workers, police department, fire department, and especially our teachers that are pushing our Keiki to the next level of learning. We need, love and support all of you."
Robust Sustainable Economic Recovery

Revitalizing and diversifying local business for our local community


We need immediate upgrades to all local restaurant websites to allow for ordering food for pickup and not make a phone call for every order. I will work tirelessly to get grants from our federal government in order to get local restaurants and businesses to upgrade their customers web experience. There are many tools like Clover, ChowNow, CAKE or Squarespace to order products that are either low commission or commission free. They will allow you to accept orders online, manage them alongside in-person orders, or orders out for delivery. This similar experience in the retail sector will give the feeling of Kauai, when you can't immediately get to Kauai.


Expanding SNAP benefits to an APP on your phone.

Our people should be able use their SNAP benefits to purchase their food from an app on their phone and pickup their benefits from their favorite grocery store without having to go in. Our local community who are struggling should have an opportunity to purchase with their SNAP benefits HOT food – when they do not have a place to cook their food.


Creating and inviting a local “work from home” culture.


A “Smart Kauai” is our community built on a foundation that our kids will remain on the island. We are already teaching our kids “STEM” from Kindergarten, and they are competing in robotics in High School. These high paying computer jobs are work from home jobs. Generations of Kauai Ohana can stay at home with good paying computer jobs.


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